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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Giggle Fit

My wonderful sister took this video and let me lift it from her blog. The video was taken at her house while we were there for Thanksgiving. We aren't laughing for any reason other than the joy of the moment.

A Giggle Fit on Vimeo.

(I believe my own irritating laugh was to help encourage Adam in his own laughing fit.)

(The whole snort while laughing thing was a phase he was in during that time. Thank heavens he's not doing that much anymore.)

(Don't ya just love my dad? I know you can't see him, but you can sure tell he's there! Sorry if his "explosiveness" offends you!!)


Yvonne said...

Too funny--I love it when kids snort.

thorkgal said...

It reminded me of "A Christmas Story" when the little boys mother encouraged him to eat like a little piggy and he would laugh and snort. So funny.