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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Our first cross-country ski trip of the year. We usually go on New Year's Day, but it was too warm (huh?) and the wind was gale force, so after checking the forcast we opted to postpone until today. It was great. We called and asked my dad to come along, which was a fun adventure.

It started out with two grumpy kids: Aly doesn't like to go and we made her. She didn't complain or grumble too much, but she wasn't exactly chirping happy songs either. Adam was grumpy because, initally, he wasn't in the front of the line which is where he wants to be. But things worked out and it ended up being a great day.

By the end of our trip, everyone was tired but happy. When we turned our skis toward the car Aly kicked it into high gear and arrived there 15 minutes before us... kind of like a horse on the trail home. Adam, when we would go down hills, would raise his hands high in the air and while gliding downward yelled, "I COME IN PEACE!" Half the time he'd land on his rear. It was great.

Can't wait to go again! (We'll probably let Aly stay home. Poor girl has been tortured enough.)


Thanks for all those who asked for my new blog address. I will send you an email in about a week with that information. If your name isn't on there, there's still time!!


Dad and Mom said...

A GOOD time was had by all! Perfect ski weather! Dad

thorkgal said...

Okay, huh? What?... I need your address? I leave for a week and the world changes beneath my feet. I'm coming home NOW. haha

Yvonne said...

Looks like great fun. (I've never tried cross country skiing.)

Glad everyone enjoyed themselves.

JackieG said...

I thought about you on the 1st and wondered if you made it skiing. I'll admit I'm jealous, it looks like a beautiful day! We hope to join you for more skiing soon, but we want Aly to come!