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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time to Make a Change

Hello my bloggy friends,

After thinking and pondering and listening to my stake president, I've decided to make some blogging changes.

No, I'm not going private. I thought about it for about two seconds and decided that's not for me.

What I have decided is to go incognito. On this blog and my previous blog (on MSN) I used my own name and friend's and family's names. Also I haven't been exactly secret about the town where we live. Oh, I thought I was tricky enough about not fully disclosing my location, but it wasn't too difficult to figure out...

And that's not safe.

What I decided to do is create a new blog. This new blog has nicknames for all of us. I won't tell you here, what those names are. I'll save that little surprise for when you clicky over there. Also, I won't put the link to that new blog here. That would be counterproductive to my little plan to become "faces in the crowd." Eventually (soon), I will close down this blog and make it private, with only myself having access so I can print what I've written as a family journal.

Here's my plan to let you know the new address: Please leave me a comment here with an email address and I will email you the link. I will also ask, if you have a link to me on your own blog, please remove my last name. (All my former YW, please feel free to call me by my new nickname on the new blog. It's okay if you don't call me Sister ______ .)

I'm sure there is an easier way to do this, but my brain doesn't function on "easy". And I know that the only way to be perfectly safe is to go private. But let's give this a try.... it just might work!!!

With love,

P.S. I will make the change and close this site down in about two weeks.


Thorny Tree Lady said...

Good for you. I have some links of why it's important to not divulge too much info on your blog - I'll look for them and send them to you. I think they'll help solidify your decision.

Might I make a suggestion or two: instead of leaving your new addy in the comment section of others' blogs, email it to them instead (most bloggers have an email link on their profile, or you know them already and have their addy in your address book). This was a suggestion (in an article I read) because blurkers can connect to it when visiting others' sites. So, strangers who frequent (or even stop by for a short visit) can start stalking your blog. And have a separate email for yourself that doesn't go back to your main email.

I have a note at the top of my blog that asks people not to mention my name in the comments, and I've seen several who ask you not to link with their real names, either. I just found a bunch of friends who have done just that to my blog = I went to their site when they sent the address in a Christmas letter, and found our names right there in bold print on the sidebar. Now I have to go and ask them to take down the links. Uggh! Uncomfortable, but necesasary. I once had a friend post pictures she'd taken at a party at my house where our names were on our Christmas Stockings and our family name was on a plaque on the wall, and she mentioned the town we lived-in. We have very few mutual friends, so she used my real name/blog name to mention where the party was. It was hard to ask her to take down that post or ammend it, but she totally understood. The moral of the story is, you can try your best to control things on your end (and it looks like you're doing that with the new blog!) butbe prepared for others not to understand your desire for privacy.

Send me the new link asap! Can't wait to see it! And what can we do to get Shackie to start blogging??? Ole Crazy told me she wants to start one!!!!

Thorny Tree Lady said...

OK, I'm lame - I see you said you wanted them to leave you their email and have you email the link to those who want it. Duh. Ignore that part. You have mine, right?

Here's a great article that people in the blogosphere are referencing for privacy advocation:
I don't agree with all of it, but she makes good points. Another friend linked to this article on a newssite:

Sorry for taking up your comment section. I've actually been sitting at the computer for more than 30 seconds without a toddler on my lap, and I guess I don't know how to type less than 30 words alone! :-)

Thorny Tree Lady said...
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melanee said...

Oh good idea, and please add me!

Yvonne said...

Sounds like a great plan.

Please include me:

Dad and Mom said...

Hope we don't even have to ask to be included. You know our address.
Queen Mum

Kristi said...

I don't know what I would do if I couldn't read up on your happenings. Please make sure I can continue to get my fill. Thanks Smelli!

Anonymous said...


Devani or Jon said...

Please count me in - your blog is a high point in my cyberspace travels.

My email is corpjd at juno dot com.

PS - What is our Stake President saying? And how come I'm not hearing it?

JackieG said...

Count me in too, please!

sarah joelle said...

count me in!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I don't have my own blog, but I enjoy reading yours. Please send me the link to your new spot.

Email: or

Thank you

Sarah Miller said...

So I'm retarded and don't know anything about this blog safety thing. Can you let me know what it's about? Anyways, I would still like to be included on your "little" circle of friends! Love ya!