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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wanna Be

Clark Griswold is my hero. Especially in the movie Christmas Vacation. It is my dream to one day decorate the outside of my house in the same manner as "Sparky."

It didn't happen this year. Our house is boring. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that Calvin took the time to hang all those C-7's around the roof line, but there's no flash, no zing. I put some lights around the kid's windows, but that's not enough. I hung some extra lights around the garage, but that's still not enough. I'm going to get some lights for the living room window, and that will help, but it's not the full effect I'm looking for.
While we were in Utah this weekend we drove through some fancy schmancy neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. I found two houses that made me drool with envy. This first house is located right next door to Chrissy's good friend. (Funny story: This girl is living in a basement apartment and has only lived there a few months. She went out of town for Thanksgiving and on her return trip, saw this house from the airplane. She knew it was in her neighborhood. She prayed all the way home that it wasn't her house.)
This house is just tacky enough that I found it appealing. There is even a big sign on the roof that pays homage to Clark (maybe if you click on the photo it will enlarge).

The second house was in a neighborhood where an Osmond lives.

The biggest thrill of the evening was driving to the hills and seeing the house that is programmed to music. Watching the trees and decorations light up to the pulsing beat of music was dang cool.

Clark would have been proud.


thorkgal said...

Just tacky enough...? Is that what the holiday is coming to? Ha ha. Okay the giant "HO,HO,HO" has to go but if it is done with the Griswald spirit more power to you, crazy woman.

Yvonne said...

I love Christmas Vacation ; )

It is so fun to see houses with so many lights, but I hate to imagine what their electricity bill would be.

Wees said...

I think one of those houses belongs to Martha Mae Who-vier, maybe??