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Monday, December 15, 2008

It's a Marshmallow World...

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas....

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas....

Think of any Christmas song that mentions the weather outside and how it should be at Christmas time (except the Hawaiian Christmas songs).

Have you thought of any that I haven't listed? I'm sure you have. Did you think of "a picture print by Curier and Ives?" Did you think of "in the lane, snow is glistenin?" I could go on and on, but I won't. Let's just say that when I look out my window, that's what I see.



I can get into the Christmas spirit? Why does it take snow for that to happen? I guess I'm an Idaho girl at heart. (Just looked out my window and there is more coming down!! Yipee!!)


Had a great weekend in Utah. Aly's choir got to sing at Temple Square in Salt Lake. It was very cool seeing my daughter on the stage in the Assembly Hall (and Joseph Smith Bldg.). They sounded great. What a great choir and director.


The weather turned bad while we were down there, so we opted to drive home a day later than anticipated. Chrissy was so nice to accomodate us. My original plan was to come home Saturday morning and get my Christmas baking done, so Chris suggested we just get it done at her house. Her kitchen is pretty cool and big (as opposed to my crappy one) so I agreed. We busted our rears and got 2/3 of our baking done (sugar cookies, festive cookies, Ohio Buckeyes and chocolate dipped pretzels). I only have two or three things left to make. YAY!!! Thanks Chris!!


Adam has a loose tooth. It's just about ready to come out. His goal is to keep it in his mouth until Christmas Eve. That way Santa and the Tooth Fairy have to come on the same night. "Wouldn't that be cool mom? Do you think they know each other?"


I learned how to use the snow blower yesterday. Calvin has kept that fun all to himself in the 3 or 4 years we've had it.

Shoveling snow = YUCK!!! Too much work and sore shoulders.

Blowing snow = FUN!!!! Too much fun than one person should have.

I got carried away this morning and ended up doing our driveway, the next door neighbor's driveway and several sections of sidewalk. I was mad when I saw another neighbor had done my other neighbor's driveway. I'll have to get up earlier next time.


Speaking of snow and neighbors, I have to end this by saying how lucky I am to live in such a great neighborhood. There are three or four of us that have the mechanical means to remove snow, i.e. snowblowers or 4-wheelers with a plow. When I went out this morning I saw that every one of us was helping out the other neighbors. None of the elderly people have to do their own driveway and all the sidewalks and mail boxes are dug out. People are pushing their snow blower up and down the street looking for a driveway that needs cleared. No one asked them to do it, it's just done.
I thought it was very cool. (It's another secret that Calvin has been keeping to himself.)


April said...

I wish you were my neighbor with that snow blower. =)

Yvonne said...

What a fun post. Loved it ALL.

How fun for Aly to be able to sing at Temple Square. What a neat experience.

What a great friend to let you use her kitchen to do your baking. Of course, I'd let you come to my house and do all that baking--everything sounds yummy.

We have never invested in a slow blower, which is pretty silly considering how much snow we get.


thorkgal said...

What a fun post. I've been thinking all week what to post and now I'll have to think some more because that was just TOO CUTE. I love the picture of your fallen halo... I mean, the snow on your head. ha ha

sarah joelle said...

ok, you guys were in utah for a night and you didn't tell me!? whaaaat!? also, your picture of the temple is amazing and beautiful.

Dad and Mom said...

As we speak MY main squeeze is out shoveling the neighbors out with a SHOVEL! Old habits die hard. Maybe he really is missing Bozeman.