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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Old Friends Who Are Not Old

I have served in the Young Women organization for approximately forever. I have worked under 5 or 6 presidents in various capacities: I have been 1st & 2nd counselor; Beehive advisor and "music specialist."

I was first called into YW when I lived on the Oregon Coast. My very good friend Laura B was the president, "Ole Crazy" was my advisor and Jackie was the Mia Maid advisor in that presidency. (We had more fun than should be allowed for a church calling.) I can't tell you who was in the Beehive class when I was put in, but I can tell you just about everyone else who came in during my tenure.

My very first Beehive was Kristi.... sweet little Kristi who couldn't burp if her life depended on it. (She can now!) Kristi who was innocent and kind without an evil bone in her body. A little more than a year later, Laura's daughter Kirsten came in. Kirsten who is independent, and crazy and fun and kind. We had so much fun!!

This weekend we had a small reunion. Kristi who is an old married lady of 25 (yes, a quarter of a century.... 1/2 way to 50) came to visit from Southern Utah. Fortunately for me, Kirsten lives here, (kind of) attending school and working. A dinner party at my house was arranged with Jackie and her family, Kristi, Kirsten and the local cutie Jake T. coming as well. (We didn't have the usual "Newport Dinner" this time.) After Jake and Dave left and Calvin went to sleep (8 pm) we Newport YW alumni sat around yakking, laughing, and playing Mad Gab. I grabbed my point and shoot Kodak camera (cuz I still haven't gotten a new lense for my Nikon) and started taking silly photos.

You'll love these!!
(I wasn't sure if I should take out Kirsten's "red eye" and decided it has a much better effect so I left it in!!)

This is my silly photo. The one and only. Jackie
Kristi a.k.a. Penelope

I was once their leader and now I feel fortunate to have them as friends. (I might get a bit sappy here) It's gratifying that I still have connections with them and get to see who they have become. They are both wonderful women that I admire and love.

I didn't take any photos of Jake T (he was hanging with the guys) so I lifted this off his Facebook page. I hope he doesn't mind!!

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Yvonne said...

Fun, fun, fun.

(Just wait to one of your former YW becomes a grandma ; )