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Friday, October 3, 2008

This is it!

I really don't have time, but I'm gonna write anyway. I still have plenty to do to get ready for our trip, but I feel good in that I have a lot done.

Yesterday was high stress day. It was one of those where you wake up too early with your mind racing, going over lists, trying to organize the day. I stumbled out of bed, bleary eyed because I am not a morning person and don't like getting up. I fell into a chair at the kitchen table, a pen in hand, a piece of paper in front of me on the table. I drew an utter and complete blank. Remember all those lists that woke me up? Well, they faded to the sleepy abyss that is my brain. After a NutraGrain Bar and a glass of milk, my poor brain was able to start chugging up enough memory to create a small list of the tasks I needed to accomplish. (As the day went on, the list got longer, not shorter!)

I realized, half way through the day, that I was operating in the same high stress I did at Girl's Camp. (I cried every day while I was there, over silly things people said to me: "Adam is going to kindergarten this year?" BAWL !! "Aly is graduating in two years?" BAWL!! "Your husband almost cut his finger off!" BAWL!! It went on like that all week!) Yesterday I was on the verge of tears all day... anything set me off!! For instance, as I was folding laundry, I watched an episode of The Bonny Hunt Show which I DVR'ed earlier this week(I just love her!) Yup, I bawled over a silly segment. I bawled while watching the Today Show. I bawled over the commercial that offered free scooters for the movement impaired (can you believe these poor people that have trouble walking can get them for free?)

I re-evaluated my list and realized that I didn't have to do everything. I saved the dirty dishes for Aly. I let Calvin put his own laundry away. I had one of Adam's friends come over so I didn't have to entertain him. Those little things helped tremendously.

Today I'm going to finish it all: scoop the cat box, finish ironing so I can finish packing, vacuum, mop, make some more goodies to eat in the car, among other things.

The best part of the day will be going to watch Adam's best friend and my best friend's daughter get baptized!! We are so excited for Devyn!! I think it will be a great day for her. It's a great way to end this day and the best way to begin our vacation.


Yvonne said...

Those lists are always frustrating (but necessary). Just remember none of us can do it all.

Congratulations to Adam on his baptism. Enjoy the day.

thorkgal said...

I guess President Monson was talking to you today (me included). Live life today... the dishes and the laundry will be there tomorrow. He didn't mention planning for trips though... Enjoy Cali.