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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Invaded and I Laughed

At our house every Tuesday night is "Guy's Night." Aly and I usually go to Young Women which leaves the boys home alone. Calvin is a great dad and tries to build a solid relationship with the kids, individually, so Tuesday is the night he takes Adam to get ice cream. (He takes Aly to breakfast every Saturday morning.)

Tonight was a stake activity and I didn't feel like going. (The YW Pres is my next door neighbor. I yelled out the door that I felt like staying home and she gave me permission.) Since I was here, hangin with the guys, they invited me to go out with them. (Nice, eh?)

(You're guessing that I'm building up to this week's Adamism aren't you?)

So we pull into the parking lot and the car we are next to has a guy and girl in the front seat (not even sitting next to each other). Adam jumps out of our car, looks at their car and jumps back in and in a voice filled with horror and disgust whispers, "MOM!! Be careful! Those people want to suck face!" (Seriously, they were sitting so far away from each other they could have been in separate cars!)

For a moment I felt like Inigo Montoya talking to the Sicilian:

I couldn't get out of the car for about 2 minutes while I laughed.


I went to the doctor today about my lung pain. It has all but gone away, but I wanted to make sure that I was okay before I drive 900 miles away. Who wants to be sick in the Happiest Place on Earth?!?!
He was quite perplexed and couldn't really make a diagnosis for me. His initial thought was a blood clot (eeeek!!), but due to the fact that I'm still upright and breathing, he crossed that off his list. He thinks I diagnosed myself correctly (pleurisy), but wants me to watch things closely until we leave. There is a slight chance that I "blew a gasket" (not doctor verbiage) when I sneezed last week. What that means is that when I sneezed I could have exploded a little lung sack or something like that. (Due to the fact I never attended medical school, I don't know all the technical terms and I can't remember what he called this condition.) That does have the potential to be dangerous, so I will be very careful over the next few days. If it starts hurting again, I have to have an x-ray, which I don't want to pay for. However, I remain optimistic that all is well and that my pleurisy is on the mend.


April said...

I was diagnosed with Pleurisy almost 2 months ago. When it didn't go away, I went back into the doctor and he told me that it is probably Costochondritis. Inflamation of the cartilage in the chest wall. I still have it, but it seems to not be quite as bad now. You may want to google it. I hope you get feeling better soon.

thorkgal said...

Usually when I blow a gasket it's because I forgot to stop and cross my legs before sneezing... but the other sound legitimate too.
I hope your better before you go to Disneyland too. You'll have fun with Adam there he'll see all kinds of crazy people... lots of skin, tatoos and piercings. It will be another world to him, and lots of Adamisms.

April said...

I'm glad it's not Costochondritis. I hope it gets better before your trip! Take care.

Yvonne said...

I hope whatever it is gets better so you can HAVE A GREAT TRIP!!!

Mark said...

Dear Chelli,

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