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Thursday, September 18, 2008


How many of us are anxiously waiting the 63 days until the release of the Twilight movie? Too many to count, I'm sure.

I was perusing YouTube and found this vid. First of all, I LOVE the re-do of the Bee Gee's song How Deep is Your Love. I don't usually like remakes, but I actually think this one is better! Secondly, I just liked the small clips of the movie. It's fun to watch. (Aly is going to be so jealous that I found this before she did!)

**Editor's Note: I originally thought the song was by Olivia Newton John and was "gently" reminded (coughs into hand) that it was BeeGees that sang it. Please forgive my memory lapse!


Anonymous said...

Um, that was the Bee Gees who sang that song originally, wasn't it?

It was awful then and its worse now.

*~*~*!AlYsSa ShAlAe!*~*~* said...

yes...i am incredibly jealous mother! grrr...i'm so excited! and the only way you know how many days, is cuz of me! lol

Wees said...

Oh goodness, I'm sure the dead Gibb brother is rolling over in his grave with that remake. Ouch. (Sorry - I'm a purist.)

thorkgal said...

I agree, I like the remake too.