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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Thanks for the words of advice regarding Adam and school. I now realize that I just need to give it time and let the teacher get into a rhythm. After volunteering in his class yesterday, I saw that there is certainly a wide variety of ability levels in his class. I'm sure there will be a great schedule for him sometime after Potato Harvest Vacation. (This year it's Oct. 6 thru the 15th.)

You're awesome!! Thanks again!


Yvonne said...

Potato Harvest what???

Chelli said...


Here, where we live, they close the schools for almost 10 days the end of Sept/ first of October for the potato harvest. The premise is that the older kids will get jobs and help harvest all the spuds. (It's a GREAT way to earn a ton of cash in a short amount of time, but the work is dirty and hard!) It's silly to close schools for the elementary age kids, but they do. Most of Aly's friends work and we were going to have her work too, but decided that this would be a good, non-busy time to go to Disneyland.