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Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Is a Stoodent!

I usually hate going to the mail box. In fact, I only go once a week or less. There is never anything worthwhile in my mailbox. Pile after pile of credit card apps, a bill or two and a few charities asking for money I don't have.

This week I got something cool. The university I applied to (hint: it's located in my town) sent me a letter of acceptance. I am now a student!! Granted, I'm considered a non-traditional student and I can't take more than 6 credits at a time, but heck, I can't do more than that and still be a mom anyway.

I'm very happy.

And excited.

I plan on taking a photography class. (A real photography class. Not like that one I took through Continuing Education last year.) I will be enrolled in January 2009.


melanee said...

Congrats Sister Carey! I'm so impressed by your ambition, you are so awesome!

Yvonne said...

I so want to take a photography class!!! Great job.