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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Breathe In.... NOT

I can't breathe.

Okay, I guess I can a little bit. (Obviously.) But it hurts!!

I have a spot in my left lung that feels like I've got a really sharp stick poking out. As long as I take short little puffs of air in, then that big pokey thing doesn't hurt. But if I have to... say... sneeze, cough or even burp, (all of which requires a large intake of air) then watch out! That pokey stick feels like it's ready to break through my skin! The sneeze is swallowed, the cough sputters and the burp, well, it doesn't live up to my reputation! (It turns more into a Kristi size burp. Not that I knock Kristi's burps. Heavens!! When I first met Kristi, she didn't even know how! I'll take what I can get from her!!)

**sidenote: Happy birthday to Kristi this week!!

I have my suspicions on what I might have but I'll go to the doctor first to make sure. Let's hope I can get in tomorrow. In the meantime, take a LARGE cleansing breath in for me, will you?

I miss breathing!!

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Kristi said...

No worries, Smelli. I am not offended by your comments. I'm sorry you are not able to live up to your reputation. Thanks for the birthday shout out. I hope you're having a fun Harvest. See you in 2 1/2 weeks!