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Sunday, September 28, 2008

It Stings!!

Poor Adam.

We went to P. Reservoir yesterday to take some autumn themed family pictures and in one of our adventures, he fell into a thicket of Stinging Nettle.

(Thicket seemed the most appropriate word when referring to the amount of Stinging Nettle there was. The last time I saw it was when we lived in Oregon and there was only a plant or two. This was a field full of the stuff. On the bright side, now we can identify it if we see it again!)

Today, he is fine. He had a slight rash this morning when he woke up, but tonight all evidence of his mishap has disappeared!!

(I took pictures because we weren't sure at first what he had gotten in to. We were concerned that we might have to take him to a clinic or something and we needed to document the injury.)


We got one really great picture (I might be saving it for C'mas cards). Unfortunately, the trees weren't as colorful as I anticipated. We did find a cute little creek and I wanted to try a "water picture."

This was cute of Aly and Calvin, but I couldn't get one of the family together. I'm just not fast enough to push the timer button and run into the middle of a cold, slimy rock creek. You can see how close I got. Oh well, we tried!!


thorkgal said...

Holy Cow stay out of THAT stuff, huh? Cute pictures of the family... where are your water shoes? You could have made it, or at least blamed them for moving away from you. Ha ha.

Yvonne said...

Oh that must have REALLY hurt.

Now, as far as the picture of you in the middle of the creek--just think if you had just run across the slimy rocks and fallen--WHAT A PICTURE THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN!!!

Casey Loring said...

Hey Chelle,
May I use a picture of your child's rash on a fact sheet I am making for my biology class on Stinging Nettles?

Chelli said...

Casey, thank you for inquiring and not just taking the photo! Yes, you may use this photo for your class.

Casey Loring said...