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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wednesday Is A Special Day...

... it's the day we use to rest.

We were so exhausted and sore from our previous days in the Parks that we changed our schedule. Originally, we were going to spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the Parks and Thursday would be spent at points beyond, seeing different parts of So. Cal. Unfortunately, there was no way we could put in another HUGE day sprinting from Indiana Jones to Space Mtn., to Haunted Mansion, so we opted for a calmer more relaxing day.

We drove to San Diego and spent a calm, relaxing (mostly) afternoon in Sea World. The atmosphere there was completely different from Disney -- in a lot of ways. Firstly, their employees haven't had the "happiness training" Disney employees have to have. Most of them were very grumpy and didn't even greet us.

Oh well. We survived because the other difference was pure bliss: The crowds were minimal. We didn't have to fight for any openings in windows to see the Beluga Whales or Polar Bears. We were able to get great seats for the Dolphin show and Shamu's Show (we got drenched by the dolphins. I'm talking ring-us-out we're sloshing in our shoes wet!! It was great!!)

There were memory making highlights of the day and one horrible low point of the day. I'll tell about the horrible moment first:

We were walking in to see the Manatee and there was a woman and her family by the entrance. The woman was big and mean and MAD!!! Her little boy had done something that put her over the top. As we walked by, she was screaming and she pushed him toward a bench and told him he needed to go sit down. We were shocked, but unsure if we needed to step in because he went to the bench by himself and she stayed behind.... or so we thought.

As we were walking into the attraction, Calvin heard her yell, "Assume the position!!" He stopped dead in his tracks, turned around and walked back out the door to see what was going to happen. I knew the woman was large and she scared me. I tried to pull him back. Thankfully, my husband is a better person than me and he's not afraid of doing what's right. Also, he could see what I couldn't....

The woman had come back to her son carrying a large belt. (Yes, all this happened in a public area!!!) When she yelled, "assume the position" it was because she was going to beat him. Calvin walked up to her and told her not to do it. She became even more angry and started screaming at my husband.

I was very scared.

Calvin, is a very calm person and he wouldn't back down. Even though she was yelling at him to leave her alone and that she could whip her own boy if she wanted, he kept talking, telling her not to do it. He even said these words to her, "You're better than this."

This woman got one whack at the boy before she felt compelled to leave. Calvin's presence had created more of a scene than she wanted, so she packed up and left. We tried to find security to see if someone could help that poor child more, but, the laid back atmosphere of the park meant there was none that we could find. We had an employee call and gave them a description, but we know nothing was done about it.

I just hope that poor child remembers that there was a man (a very good man) that stepped in on his behalf. I hope that woman remembers Calvin's words that she's better than that. I hope that I remember that doing the right thing isn't always easy, but it can save a child.

Okay, so I wanted the bad stuff done first so I can end this post (#92... I'm approaching the 100 mark!!) on a happy note:

Today I conquered a HUGE fear and pet a (drum roll please.......) STINGRAY!!! I was terrified -- scared out of my mind to touch a slimy thing in the water. But I knew that I would regret it if I didn't so I sucked up every ounce of courage I could find and stuck my hand in the water.

The first touch was (and I won't lie) DISGUSTING!! Totally and utterly slimy, squishy and horrendous. I squealed and pulled my hand out, but wanted to try it again. I was a little more brave the second time and I found out that it wasn't as slimy and squishy as I originally thought it was. No, it actually felt more like I thought it would feel. Pretty soon, you couldn't keep my hand out of the water!! One cool moment that happened was when I found an especially friendly stingray that swam right up to me and pressed against the retaining wall and poked his surprisingly cute face out of the water and looked at me. He hung out with me for what seemed like a long time before he took off. I wanted to take him home with me.

It was simply AWESOME!!!

On the way back to Anaheim, we stopped for a few minutes at the San Diego Temple and walked the grounds. I took a few pictures (with my point and shoot), talked to a patron and headed back. Calvin was pretty tired on the drive back, so I took the wheel for the first time since entering California (another proud moment. I've been pretty scared to drive here because the traffic is a lot heavier than the streets I drive).

So that's where we're at. Tomorrow is Day 3 (final day) in Disneyland. We'll head home soon.

P.S. I'm using my point and shoot camera because (and I'm soo mad!!!) the lense on my good Nikon got broken yesterday. I'm not sure how or where. It stayed in its case all day (except when in use) but it must have gotten crushed in a ride somewhere. I am so thankful that I brought both cameras along! The point and shoot isn't fabulous, but it's quite adequate and will still record the memories.

P.S.S. I almost ruined my point and shoot today. I thought I had it put somewhere safe for the Dolphin Show, but it got drenched too. The salt water made it nearly impossible to move the dial to turn the camera on and off. I worked it hard though and think I broke through the salt seal that was created.


I'd like to give a shout out my friend, Sarah M who's new to blogging! Welcome aboard!! I can't wait to see you and the boys in a couple weeks!!


Wees said...

Calvin is my hero! I would hope I'd have the courage to do what he did in a situation like that. But it made me very sad to know what that child was going home to.

thorkgal said...

Yeah Calvin... if the woman can do that in public, what does she do when no one is watching?

I'm glad your having fun. It makes me crave the happiest place on earth.

Funny thing... when I was a child people could smoke in the park anywhere.(No designated areas back in the day) I had never smelled a cigar, but did at Disneyland. To this day if I smell a cigar, I think Disneyland and I love the smell. Funny huh?

Yvonne said...

Good for Calvin--what a guy. That poor child. It must have been so horrible to watch.

I'm glad you are having such a great time. Congrats on petting the stingray and driving in So. California.