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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

My baby just turned 16!!

Where did the time go? How is it that the time we have left with her (living with us) is shorter than the time I have left on my driver's licence?

Aly was a miracle child for us. We tried for 3 years before I gave birth to her, and how we loved her when she arrived!!! She was a princess from the get-go. She let me dress her in frilly, fru-fru dresses with big bows on her (very) bald head and lacy bonnets as well. She always loved playing with her dollies and loved watching Barney. Her bestest friends were her cousin Keara and a darling little boy named Conrad.

The first 6 years of her life were spent in Oregon and she made lasting friendships that endure til today. Some of these friends talk about one of the first memories they have of Aly: She was running through a field of grass but she was "prancing" instead -- her very own version of running. (Poor kid never won a race, but she sure looked cute!)

Aly didn't have an aggressive bone in her body. When she was little, she didn't fight back when other kids picked on her. I have a memory of Aly when she was 6 (right after we moved to Idaho) being chased by our friend's little girl, who was two. This little girl was banging plastic toy dishes together and saying, "I'm gonna give you a whoopin'!" while she was chasing her. Poor Aly just screamed and ran for her life. We still tease her about that.

Aly has always embraced the performing arts. She started dancing in kindergarten and still dances today. It hasn't always been easy. She has a slight learning disability that makes spacial issues difficult. Dancing has been the thing that has made life a little easier. I don't think she'd be doing as well in school today if she hadn't been dancing. She is now taking private ballet classes to work on technique and form, so she can improve her talent.

Aly has been doing well in making good choices. We approve of her friends and their activities. When she hangs out with them, I know that she will act according to the values she has been taught. Of course I worry... any parent who doesn't worry is asking for trouble... but I know that when push comes to shove, she'll do what's right.


Have mercy!!

Did I already ask this... WHERE DID THE TIME GO?

Aly, Alyssa, Alyssa Shalae.... WE LOVE YOU!!!

This is the pearl ring she got from us for her birthday. It is to remind her to stay morally clean.
(Sorry the picture is on its side. Don't know how it happened and I'm too tired to play with it!)


thorkgal said...

Awe. How sweet is that?
My favorite is the beautiful ring on a hand with chewed on, half painted fingernails. A reminder of the child on the verge of becoming a woman. Awwwwe!
Don't die, but you do realize that most of us Utah Idaho gals got married between 18-20!

.:.*IsN't It AlL aBoUt Me?*.:. said...

oh dearness bummy!

Chelli said...

translation: the previous comment is from Aly. She calls me "bummy" because when Adam was just learning how to talk, he called me "bum" instead of "mom." Aly has taken it to a whole new level!

(Deep down, I think she was pleased with this entry.) :-)

Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday, Aly. I agree with you, mom, the time passes by much too quickly.

She is a beautiful young lady. (And, I'm pretty sure she loved the post ; )