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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Moving Experience


Mom & Dad are officially residents of the state of Idaho -- again! Last week we drove to Montana and, with a packed moving truck, said good-bye to Big Sky Country and hello to Potato Valley. Dad said good-bye to full time employment and hello to full time harassing Mom. Their four children are saying good-bye to driving several hours over treacherous (winter) roads to visit them and hello to dropping by any time we want. (It's still a long drive for Wees who lives in the midwest.)

It's a good thing.

The move went well. Mom & Dad are extremely organized and efficient (no, I didn't inherit either of those traits, unfortunately) and everything moved along like clock-work. The guys from the ward that came to help load the truck LOVED them because everything was ready and waiting for them when they arrived. (How often does that happen?!?) Mom & Dad had cleaned as they packed, so there was very little left for me to wipe down. When it came time to close the doors for the last time and head to the title company, we realized we had finished an hour early!! Again I ask, how often does that happen?!?

The drive south was amazing. The roads were clear, the skies were blue (go ahead and sing Wild Montana Skies --I love John Denver) and the wild flowers were stunning. All-in-all it was a grand adventure.

Welcome home, Mom & Dad!!

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thorkgal said...

I'm just glad YOUR back to blogging. Nice pics, by the way. You'll love having them close by.