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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Ground

I think it's funny having a 16 year old daughter and a husband.

Let me explain:

Aly has been 16 years old for thirteen days. There is a boy in our ward who has a crush on her and has been bugging her to go out with him for months. Gratefully, she doesn't like him quite as much as he likes her and that made it easy to turn him down until she was the proper age. However, now she's "legal" and that has given him licence to increase his invitations. Our rule is that she needs to group date, we prefer no single dating. So this guy has been busting his rear trying to find friends who want to double with him. We thought it was going to happen tonight... Aly's first date!!! (Unfortunately for this guy, his friends couldn't come, so they are hanging out & watching movies here.)

Here's what's funny:

When Calvin got home from work I mentioned that his daughter was probably going to be going out on a date tonight. He stopped what he was doing and got very quiet. Then he said with a growl in his voice, "I didn't say she could go."

He was serious. Completely serious.

I realized then that he is going to be a shotgun dad!! We don't actually own a gun (yet) but I can forsee him making a trek to Sportsman's Warehouse (in the very near future) and purchasing one, just so he can answer the door holding it. And believe me, he won't be wearing a smile on his face!!!

I gave my husband, this wonderful father of our 16 year old girl, a hug and a pat on the cheek and reminded him that his parents let him grow up. He loosened up a bit and gave me a half smile, and cracked some joke.


However, I pity the poor boy that shows up on our doorstep!!

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thorkgal said...

Awe, that is sweet.
I love daddy's, my dad would still give me anything I want to this day. Poor Calvin, loosing his baby girl.