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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Camped Out

This is the grassy area of camp, looking toward the cabin we were assigned this year.
I am a bit late in recounting my camp experience, but since I've been home I've been pretty darned busy. Apparently my house threw up all over itself while I was gone and it's taking a while to get it put back together. Also, I promised the kids that "after camp" I would be "theirs" and I'm trying to make good on that promise by spending more time taking them to parks and playing games with them. There aren't enough hours in a day, are there?

... was great! (Exhausting as well!) I have worked in the YW program off and on for 13 years now (more on than off) and I have been so blessed to have wonderful girls in my program each time. It's nice when you put so much of your life into trying to create a fun experience and the girls actually appreciate what you do!! I actually got hugs from them on a daily basis, smiles and sometimes they even wanted to hang out with me!! (Go figure!)
I even had time to goof off. The ward that was in the cabin next door to us is the ward we were recently split from. Their camp director and I enjoyed a fun-spirited competition called "Who's the best camp director?" We kept sending girls next door to "show off" something we had done for them. The girls enjoyed bragging and I got TONS of ideas for next year. It was especially hilarious because at some point the bragging turned into harmless pranks (stealing the pole our banner was on; stealing our garbage can; stealing all the food out of their fridge, etc.) To be truthful, I didn't pull any of the pranks, but I don't think they ever fully believed me. They were on guard whenever we were around! (The only prank I pulled was being drama queen: I found some saline solution and poured it into my eyes to look like tears. Then I went stomping up to this camp director and in my best drama queen moment of the year pretended to be extremely upset, bawling and telling her that I just couldn't compete with her and I agreed that she is the best camp director. At first she thought I was faking, but I was so good at fake crying that she and the other camp directors by her got very concerned at my emotional frailty. They got quite uncomfortable and I could see them looking at each other, wondering what they were going to do with me. It was HILARIOUS!!!!)

The mosquitoes were the worst I have ever seen. If we don't get West Nile Virus, I will be amazed. In the 3 1/2 days we were there, most people used their entire bug spray bottles. However, out of that irritation was born the craziest, "funnest" rendition of Little Bunny Foo Foo I have ever participated in. Instead of just using our fingers to sing the song, we used our whole bodies, which kept the mosquitoes from landing on us and biting us. It was also a great cardio workout for us elderly leaders.... believe me, I was out of breath by the time the song ended!

So now we're back to the hum-drum of every day life. I warned the bishopbric that I'm going to be inactive for three weeks and I plan on finally enjoying summer vacation now. I'm pulling out the camp trailer and we're disappearing....

This year we got to play in canoes! It was a lot of fun!

The girl's got a hold of my comb and hairspray and gave me a make-over!


von said...

Glad it was a great experience.

I love camp--even with all the drama (and the mosquitoes (and for us, fish flies ; )

Yvonne said...

Sorry, that was me.

melanee said...

Sister Carey, I'm glad you found my blog and left comments! So now I'm doing the same. It was so fun to read about girls camp! Man, I missed it this year! Looks like you had a blast... this growing up thing isn't all it's cracked up to be.. I wanna go back to girls camp :)

thorkgal said...

You must keep the "do" it's quite becoming. After all the stress... look what a great time you had. Awesome.