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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Help My Ineptitude


I got a new computer over a year ago. I have not connected my Ipod to this computer -- EVER!! (The battery charges in my car.)

Tonight, I need some of the music that is on it to put on the slide show about camp I'm putting together for my YW.

So, I connected my Ipod to the computer.


There is a big red circle with a slash in it, flashing, telling me DO NOT DISCONNECT.


I guess I'll just leave it connected until morning, when I know my computer expert is up. Hopefully she'll take pity on my idiot-ness and walk me through the steps (again.)

Chrissy, I'm sorry I'm such a dork!!


Update: Okay, I'm only 3/4 stoopid. I finally saw the little button to disconnect. The problem I'm having now is that none of the songs stayed on my computer... they are still only on my Ipod! That does me no good in preparing my slide show.


Looks like I'll be calling for support after all.


Yvonne said...

I hope you got it figured out.

Maddie said...

haha oh adam...what a funny one. Well sister Carey i must tell you this trip has been VERY interesting! yes we got hit by quite the earthquake. (one of which you would've FREAKED!) but we also missed our flight this morning. what happened was aub and brett went to the LA airport to meet tanner and my dad so they could see jay. So their neighbor took us to the long beach airport. He didn't know where he was going, so we got lost forabout 25 minutes. we checked in and everything, and we're about to get on the plane, and they shut the doors. so we missed our flight by 5 minutes. lame huh. ya we are all bummed. So the next open flight isn't even until tomorrow so we are stranded here with no extra clothes or anything. COOL! haha well there's the update!! wish us luck see ya soon (maybe?)


thorkgal said...

Where have I been? You've been blogging away and I just now saw them.
Here I had you up on a pedestal in the computer world of knowledge only to find out... you don't know where the eject icon is for your ipod... tisk, tisk. I do that!!!! You know the problem? YOUR 40!!! Ha ha.

Chelli said...

Hey Thork....
(You'll always be older than me!!)

Greg said...

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle.... One day you will be cool enough to figure it out. If you can put together a slide show with music, you should be able to figure out the iPod disconnect button. I mean, really? Luv ya sis!!!