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Monday, July 28, 2008


Calvin went to the dr. for a check-up on his injured finger. In order to remove the gauze bandage, it had to be soaked in a mixture of saline and hydrogen peroxide. We learned exactly how much hydrogen peroxide responds to blood, by watching all the foaming action when Calvin submerged his finger into the mixture! Ugh!

Things are looking good. He's been able to avoid infection so far and he's starting to get tingling in the tip of the finger. The dr. re-bandaged the wound (after liberally applying some neosporin) and our next appointment will be on Aug. 5 (after our trip to Lagoon) when they will probably remove the stitches.

The dr. was still cautious when giving a prognosis. He said it's still too soon to be able to tell what the long term damage will be. But so far, things are looking great!

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Yvonne said...

Glad that it is healing.

Sorry, there's no way I can look at pictures.