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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sloshy Greetings

Finally! A minute to log on and say hello!

We are here in bright, sunny, Portland Oregon!



Well, I wouldn't go straight to bright....

And I wouldn't go straight to sunny.....

But we are in Portland.


The weather has been less than stellar, but we didn't expect anything else. After all, this is the Pacific Northwest. It doesn't get beautifully green and lush all by itself!

We lived here for 6 years right after Aly was born, so we are somewhat prepared for the weather. Actually, it almost feels like home. If it was bright and sunny I'd think that we made a wrong turn in Boise and driven to Southern CA or something. No, this is the way it's supposed to be.


We've had a nice trip so far. All but two members of Calvin's family have been here... 37 people in all!!! That's a lot of people!! I'm not sure the city will still be standing when we leave, but if it is, it's not our fault. We did our best to leave our mark.

For us personally, it has been fun driving around, re-visiting our old haunts and trying to remember how to get to different places. I am happy to know that I can still drive in big-city traffic. I got used to driving in small-town Idaho and I thought I'd have a melt down on the freeway system here. At first I did... it was white knuckle driving all the way to Calvin's sister's house, but after that first day, it all came back to me. I have been driving by "feel". I don't remember specific streets or their names, but I feel which way I need to turn and which direction I need to go to get certain places. I have had a BLAST!!

We took the kids to the zoo... which was horribly disappointing. There were no big cats (including Meerkats) or crocodiles, the giraffe was put away, the rhino and hippo were asleep, and the elephant was banging on the doors to be put back inside. The orangutang was hiding in a burlap sack and the elk were sleeping in the tall grass. Oh yeah, and I paid $20 for lunch -- 4 hotdogs and 3 bottles of water!!! I could complain, but I won't. It was a fun day spent with the kids and the sun came out and warmed us while we were there.

We came because one of Calvin's sisters has two sons graduating from high school. It's a great reason to get together and celebrate. Both boys also earned their Eagle Scout ranking, and it was great to be there to watch them receive that award. They have grown up to be fine young men (and very cute!!) and we're very proud of them and their choices in their life!!


We decided -- very last minute -- to go to Newport on the coast tomorrow. We had planned on going further north (Seaside), but we decided to visit friends in this beautiful coastal town where we once lived. (Laura, if you read this before I call you, consider this your warning!! WE'RE COMING!!)

We are looking forward to showing Adam the joys of coastal living: watching the sea lions at the Bay Front, going tide-pooling at low tide, wading in the freezing cold Pacific Ocean. Maybe he and Calvin can even have a big bowl full of Mo's Clam Chowder!! (Me? I don't go near the stuff!!!)

Aly is looking forward to seeing her friends. She is planning on going to mutual with them tomorrow night. I think she wouldn't mind if we just left her there.... forever.

We love Oregon and we love visiting. If push came to shove, and I had to move, this would be the first place I'd choose to move to.

(I forgot camera cables, so I'll post some pics when we get home!)

(Be prepared!! I have taken over 220!!!)


thorkgal said...

I thought you were home. :( Look forward to the travel log when you get back.

Thorny Tree Lady said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! So sorry we missed you this week. And Mo's CC? Blech! I never understood the hype about it. Love the atmosphere (and the owners), hate the chowder.