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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Whiny Moment

Do you ever get so stressed out that you simply have to shut down?

I'm there.

I have been trying this whole (short) week to get my life together to go on vacation to Oregon. I have to finish laundry, clean the house, pack suitcases and bake goodies (cuz this lady doesn't go on vacation without home baked goodness sitting next to her in the car!) You'd think that each day I can get a little bit here and there completed, but it has been next to impossible.

I would get in a groove and get busy doing a task, and then a child needs me and I'm gone for two hours taking care of that need... I KNOW!! I ONLY HAVE TWO CHILDREN!!! What's the deal!?!


My visiting teaching companion calls and we need to visit our ladies... which is fine because I love the ladies we visit and we have so much fun together.


I have this or that outside the home to finish (and things like Girl's Camp still looming over my head).



Do you get the picture?

Honestly, I shouldn't be sitting here blogging. But since we're being honest, if I didn't take 5 minutes here I would probably go to my bedroom, clear some of the folded laundry off my bed and lay down and cry.

Now I've vented and I can go make something like oatmeal cookies, or white chocolate popcorn or (heaven forbid) dinner.


Wees said...

I know EXACTLY how you're feeling. And to add to it, because of your blog, I have now decided that I have to make cookies for OUR trip, which is something I never do, but I forgot them at the store last night and I just can't bring myself to make the trek to Walmart again. Thanks!

thorkgal said...

Been there, done that... a thousand times.

Yvonne said...

Yes, I'm in that exact place right now. I have whiny moments quite often--lately a lot.

Hope you're trip to Oregon goes well. Have fun.