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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Joy and Sadness

There were tears of joy and tears of sadness in my house tonight. Yes, tears again over the results show of American Idol. (The last and only time I cried this season was when Brooke went home.)

I mostly enjoyed the show tonight. It got a little slow in some parts. Especially when Amanda was forced to sing and (gasp) actually dance. Adam was thrilled to see her again, though. I wondered why she even came back.

Amanda (on left) shows how much enthusiasm she has for being on the show.

Some of the more famous talent scared me. I was uncomfortable for Donna Summers when she was escorted down the stairs and began singing. I was hoping the young men were standing by to catch her in case she passed out, which looked like it could happen any second. I was scared of George Michaels... very scared. If I were to run into him in a McDonald's, I'd drop my chicken nuggets and run for the door. And Carrie Underwood was amazing (as usual) but I think she needs to fire her stylists. They forgot to give her pants! Also, I was very scared that Paula's sisters were going to make their TV debut. I kept yelling, "Stop jumping Paula! Don't bend over Paula!" Thank heavens for double sided tape is all I can say.

On the flip side, there were some great moments! Like when Cook sang with ZZ Top. That was good TV! Even though I'm not a big Crosby, Stills and Nash fan, I enjoyed Brooke singing with Nash. I really enjoyed seeing David Johns again (thankfully without his ascot.) And Adam and I really enjoyed watching Gladys Knight with the 'Pips' (guys from his favorite movies); Ben Stiller (Larry Daly from Night at the Museum), Jack Black (Nacho from Nacho Libre) and Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man). Adam loved the Pips but could have cared less about Ms. Knight.

Probably the best moment for me was when Simon apologized to Cook for being such a stinker last night.

Finally, when the big announcement came, my family came together... Calvin had just gotten hom from a board meeting in Driggs, Aly had been at play practice and Adam had been climbing over couches... we sat in front of the TV holding our breath. Aly was certain Archie was going to win and I was hoping for Cook... this is how the moment played out in our house:

Calvin (Mr. Non-Emotion): laughs
Michelle (Drama Queen): throws her arms in the air and cheers
Aly (Drama Princess): sits in stunned silence, fuming
Adam (working into becoming Mr. Emotional): starts crying outloud, wailing and sobbing, tears streaming down his face, "I WANTED DAVID ARCHULETA TO WIN!!!"

Maybe we took the show a little too seriously this year.

But wasn't it fun?


Thorny Tree Lady said...

"Also, I was very scared that Paula's sisters were going to make their TV debut."
Freak, Michelle! That was the funniest thing I've read all night when it came to the Finale! If I'd have been drinking Dr Pepper it would be covering my computer screen right now!! I thought it was the best Finale ever. But I have to disagree with you on the Gm thing...I love him. I really LURVE him! He brought tears to my eyes tonight. Coulda done without Jonas Brothers, but then again, I can always do with Jonas Brothers. All in all, I really enjoyed the night. I may actually blog about it once the kids are all asleep (and I haven't sat down to blog in over a week!).

Thorny Tree Lady said...

Also, thanks so much for posting the video at the DVR cut it off just after his name was read and he hugged Archie.

thorkgal said...

Hey, this comes a few days late, but hey, I'm glad for the commentary. I am sad that the you-tube vid is "no longer available" WHAT THE...?!!! My tivo cut out the end too. Amanda is a joke, if she doesn't want to be there let her go. She ruins everything, because I can't keep my eyes off her lameness. Oh well. Yeah, David Cook!