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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spectacular Sunday

Today we skipped church...

.. to worship in the Chapel of the Great Outdoors (Yellowstone Park). It was an amazing day!! (We haven't missed church in eons, so we felt like it was okay. PLUS, I have to teach YW next weekend and we won't be able to go out of town because of that.) We have been itching to go to the park since the beginning of the month and when this opportunity presented itself, we took it! (Dave & Jackie invited us along.)

The day was fantastic!! I'm not sure I can convey how wonderful it was. From almost the get-go we saw everything we wanted and needed to see.

There were large herds of elk (no babies yet).

Large herds of bison (with babies that still have umbilical cords hanging down).

And best of all... GRIZZLY BEARS!!

There were also Mountain Bluebirds (which made us think of Mom), geese, blue heron, bats (yes, in the daytime), coyote, & bald eage. We even saw a moose on the way home -- which was a miracle. (I was driving down the hiway at 68 mph and saw it way back in a field.)

This morning, as we drove past Midway Geyser Basin, we noticed that the steam rising off the geysers was blue and pink. Later this evening, with different lighting, it wasn't. Old Faithful was HUGE and there were many geysers erupting at the same time in that basin. The colors of the pools were vivid and beautiful. Most of the snow has mostly melted in the lower elevations, but as we drove toward West Thumb and into higher elevations, the drifts along the side of the road were very deep. We hiked to the look-out at Old Faithful, which is something I don't think I've done before in my life. The hike was only 1/2 mi, but it climbed 200 ft in that 1/2 mile. Some of it was very steep. But it was beautiful. I haven't seen the most famous geyser erupt from that vantage point before and we enjoyed it.

We saw the bears at West Thumb and after watching them for about 20 minutes, we walked around the boardwalks there. The pools were so beautiful. Yellowstone Lake is still frozen.

We came home sunburned and tired but happy.

The only drawback to the day was that David was sick and couldn't go with us. It was too bad, really, because he would have enjoyed all that we did and saw.


thorkgal said...

Yes! now I can leave comments with ease. I don't know why the other site wouldn't let me, it was like getting in to fort knox.
I will have to take blogging classes from you. The slideshow the movie clips... how is that done? I tried but ended up with their pics not mine. Oops.
We'll have to talk.

Wees said...

Love the new blog! And the Yellowstone photos were fabulous.

Thorny Tree Lady said...

Lovely pictures. What amazing wildlife!!! How blessed it must be to live so close.