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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A.I. Ruminations

I've been sitting here wearing out the redial button on my phone as I vote for Cook and Archie. While I'm dialing away, I've had many thoughts running through my head:

** I always hate the end of the American Idol Season. This is the only "must see" show that I watch. There are a few other shows that I enjoy (House & Lost) but this is the only show I rush home for.

** Voting tonight was weird. I had a really hard time even making a connection... I couldn't even get a busy signal on all 6 lines! I would dial and wait... and wait... and wait... there was nuthin. No busy beep, no ringing & no dial tone. 30 seconds later I would end up hanging up and starting over. In past weeks I could make my vote in 6 - 8 seconds. As the night got later and voters started going to bed, I found it easier to get through.

** I missed the personal message from the contestant that I voted for. In years past, the top 3 (at least) would record a message like, "Thanks for voting for me, David Archuleta. Watch American Idol (blah blah blah)" Why didn't they do that this year?

** Tonight, I think Cook got the majority of my votes. Not because I thought he did better, but because I think he's very nice. Archie, obviously, won. He sang beautifully and he got a LOT of my votes. I voted a lot for cook because I didn't want him to feel bad. He did a good job too.

** Annie on Anniethology said she'll close her blog down if Archie doesn't win. That's a little extreme for me since I just started this one, but I agree with her. Archie most definitely should win. I think he won the minute he came out on stage. I LOVED his opening song!

** The only thing I won't miss about this season is hearing Randy say to both Davids, "Dawg, you can sing the phone book." He said that about 326 times too many.


thorkgal said...

Your a posting fool! Guess what? Our power was out and when I came home from the ball game that I about blew away at, no A.I. WHAT?!!
Life goes on...
At least I can catch the vid on your blog. : )

Karl said...

You voted several times for both? Don't you understand how voting works? You are supposed to vote for the one you want to win, not for sympathy LOL

I didn't get to watch tv last night so it was pretty cool to watch it today on your blog.

Yvonne said...

I don't watch A.I., but I will be curious to see who wins.

Wees said...

You voted for BOTH? You're so nice...

I actually FORGOT to vote last night. The guys sang, the credits rolled, I got up off the couch and that was that. Oh well. It was kind of a snoozer year anyway.

Thorny Tree Lady said...

I'd be happy with either one winning. Did you see my comment on Annie's page...Cook if AI is to win back credibility, Archie if it goes by the best voice. Cook's been more consistant all season long, but Archie knocked it out of the park last night. I'll buy either's album when it comes out!

P.S. Did Shackie tell you our little secret concerning IF???? ;-)

Chelli said...

No, Shackie didn't tell me your secret! What is it?!?!