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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Did It!!

Well, here I am. I finally started a blogger blog. TTL has been encouraging me for some time to give this place a try and I decided to jump in and just do it.

I hope you'll give me time to learn my way around this program. A lot of my hesitation in making the change was due to the fact that I find it hard to learn new technology. I have been blogging at Spaces for many years and I knew that program very well. Now I have to change my mind set and re-learn everything. AUGH! If you live nearby, please pay extra attention to my family while I do this, because I'm sure I'll neglect them for a couple weeks while I get things squared away. (I thought about calling this space: "Blog Obsessed.")

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Thorny Tree Lady said...

Again, I say, YEA! YEA! YEA!! Welcome to the Light side!!! Call or e-mail me with questions. It's not as hard as you can do it, and you'll end up loving it!