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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

This past weekend was a bit untraditional for us. For as many years as I can remember, on Memorial weekend, we always pull out our little pop-up trailer, load up the sleeping bags, blankets and coats, pack delicious food and head for the mountains. That was an unrealistic plan this year. My lovely mountains still have snow in them and the areas that don't are wet, muddy and still hitting freezing temps at night. PLUS the forecast for the weekend was bleak with rain/thunder storms predicted every day. We decided to leave the trailer parked and use our creativity to come up with something new to do. Here's how it all played out:

m Friday night: Calvin took Adam on their first Father/Son campout. Our ward rented an area that has cabins so they were able to sleep away from the weather. They had a great time and are looking forward to going again next year.
Aly went to a friend's 16th birthday party. They went bowling and saw Prince Caspian. She had a great time.
I went with my friend Amber to I.F. where we confronted our personal self-image demons and clothes shopped. I was excited to buy three pair of summer pants, a shirt and a new dress for Sunday. I was more excited when I realized that everything I bought was on sale: I saved $130 on everything I bought!!!
m Saturday: We left the kids home and went on a date, the aforementioned Indiana Jones movie. We also went to a local ice cream shop and found a yummy new flavor: Playdough. Man that was good!!
m Sunday I had to teach (we have early church and YW meet first). Right after the lesson we packed up the car and headed to Montana to visit my parents and sister. It was a beautiful drive through the Galatin Canyon... well, parts of it were beautiful:

The Galatin Canyon follows the Galatin River, which is running full and fast. It was also full of rafters, kayakers and anglers. As we were approaching the end of the canyon, we drove past some men who were just getting out of the river and apparently forgot that they were on a public hiway. One man in particular decided to climb out of his wet suit... in plain view of all passing motorists. The problem was that he wasn't wearing anything underneath it. I was shocked to see, well, personal body parts that should have remained personal to him.

The rest of our trip went much better. It's always good getting together with family. Of course there was good food (mom's famous fried chicken and gravy along with lemon sour cream pie... yummmm), laughs and a crazy fun game of 4 square in Mom's driveway.

Since my parents will be moving back to Idaho in about 3 weeks, it was our last fun trip there. Next trip we'll be loading the moving truck and cleaning the house!

So, even though things were a bit untraditional, it was a good weekend. We had fun and we enjoyed spending time together. You can't get any better than that!!
Adam demonstrates his wall climbing skills for Papa.

Grammy & Papa have a great driveway to play 4 square on!

Adam got hit by the ball. Poor kid.
This is our sad attempt at a family pic in the canyon. It was rainy and windy
and cold. Oh well... we tried!


Thorny Tree Lady said...

What a full plate you had this weekend! Busy days are good days, huh?!

Yvonne said...

Sounds like a great weekend.

What does the playdough ice cream taste like?

When we drive to SLC we take a shortcut and travel along the Gallatin River (I think). It is beautiful

Karl said...

"Playdough" flavored ice cream????

Chelli said...

Playdough ice cream is sooo good! It tastes a bit like Fruit Loops cereal, only not too sweet and it doesn't tear up the roof of your mouth. It's very colorful too!