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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today I have a couple confessions to make. You may be shocked at what I'm saying, but I feel I need to clear the air and get them off my chest:

** I am done eating pizza. I never want it to cross my lips again. It's not because it's not a healthy food. That doesn't stop me from eating anything (obviously). To me, pizza is as disgusting and foul a food as.... fish!! And we all know that if it swam, or breathed air through water, it won't cross these lips. Uh Uh. No way. And now, pizza has gotten to be that disgusting to me. Sad isn't it?

**Until two weeks ago, I had never seen a full episode of The Office. I realize that there will be members of my extended family who might disassociate themselves from me because I said that. HOWEVER, before you go crazy, please let me say that I regret that I hadn't seen it and I hope to get back in your good graces by saying, I AM A FAN!! I watched three episodes (on DVR) last night and laughed my butt off. I can't wait to crawl in bed tonight, pick up my crocheting and watch more. I have many seasons to catch up on, and I look forward to each and every moment.

**My son shocked me last night when he announced, "Mom! I don't like M-n-M's!" (He was mad that it was the treat in his kid's meal from Arctic Circle.) If I hadn't given birth to the boy I would seriously question his parentage. Well, that and the fact that he is the spitting image of his father. BUT HIS DAD LOVES them!! As do Aly and I.
Here's my theory: Six months ago, Adam was abducted by aliens and they injected him with a serum that alters his genetic make-up. He's mutated into a child that likes carrots and celery more than chocolate. Soon, he'll be in the forest hugging trees and doing nature dances.
Totally weird.

**I do not watch Oprah. Yes, I'm an American woman who does not worship the ground she walks on. I've said it and I mean it. 'Nuff said.

There. I feel better, like a big load has been taken off my shoulders. Thanks for letting me vent.


Thorny Tree Lady said...

I only watch Oprah if the topic looks interesting, so...that's what, 3 times a year? She's loosing clout with me over the years as she gets more and more away from her audience and her roots.

Totally with you on the fish...we lived in the wrong town, didn't we? And send me Adam's M&Ms - I'll eat them!

Kristi said...

I forgive you for your past lack of Office enthusiasm. I'm glad to hear you have started the repentance process.

Yvonne said...

Darn that thorny--I was going to tell you to send ME Adam's M&M's.

I do like Pizza--hot or cold--especially the crust.

I just started watching The Office and love it. (Did you notice last week they went to Winnipeg????? ; )

I haven't watched Oprah for ages--just not that big of a fan anymore.

thorkgal said...

Okay, do we need to start a club for all non-Oprah fans? I too am not a fan of the woman.

Pizza yes, fish no, M&M's duh, yes! Office hell yes! Oops, I mean helen keller yes! Where have you been?

sarah joelle said...

i am so HAPPY that you are starting to watch the office. greatest show ever made. you have to help me persuade chris to watch it now too.

also, i am so glad you aren't an oprah fan. i think she is way overrated and its disgusting how much people like worship her. ugh.

Queen Mum said...

Must be a bandit gene that makes Adam not like M&M's. And since I am closer than anyone else, you can send them to ME. Oprah is a phony and a fraud, never have liked her. FISH?? No! But Pizza is on the mostly top of my list. Just not the ones that have green peppers or anchovies.

Sarah Miller said...

I can't believe you hadn't watched the Office! It is absolutely hilarious! Ray and I watch it every week with Kristi and Trevor, I admit it, we're all addicted and and proud of it!