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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

First of all: I finally replaced the camera lens that got broken at Disneyland and I'm so happy to be able to use my Nikon again!! Yippee!!

Second of all: Adam felt like his shirt was getting gooey from pulling the pumpkin guts out so he took it off. He always takes his shirt off. We can't keep it on him. Even when he was a baby he ran around naked or mostly naked. That's who he is.

I have tried not to post shirtless Adam pictures here. Now you can really see exactly how skinny this kid is... just skin stretched over bones is all there is to him.

I will answer your questions before you ask them: Yes. I do feed the boy. Yes. He does eat the food I give him. No. He doesn't get his skinnyness from me. Yes. He is the spitting image of his father (who's stomach was concave when we got married).
Adam designed his pumpkin himself. He told me what he wanted and I helped him draw it out and get it on the pumpkin. We worked together in getting it carved.
Just Adam and Calvin carved pumpkins this year. Aly never does. She can't stand the smell. And there just wasn't time for me to do one on my own. (Calvin free-handed his. He carved with no pattern on the pumpkin.)
Introducing the New Indiana Jones. (He's definitely cuter than an old Harrison Ford, isn't he?)
Adam and Devyn have gone trick-or-treating together every year since they moved to the area. Devyn's mother created an amazing costume for her this year. She's "Tigress" from Kung Fu Panda. Jackie is so amazingly talented. She made the costume with no pattern!! (I have to brag on my friend because she never would.)
In this picture Adam poses for me and Devyn poses for Jackie.

Oh yeah! We'll be on a sugar high for weeks!!


melanee said...

Cute pictures Sis. Carey! Adam is getting so big, well old I guess... def not big. haha What a skinny lil thing. He is cute tho! Looks like you had a fun Halloween!

Yvonne said...

Fun pictures. I'm with Aly on the pumpkins being stinky, but I still love to carve them anyway.

Cute costumes.

April said...

I love the Indiana Jones costume. My boys are all into that right now. Cute pumpkins too!

Kristi said...

Fun stuff! I'm so glad Halloween was on a Friday this year. Makes it easier on us teachers. The costumes are so cute. Tell Jackie that I too think she is amazing.