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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Who Me?

When did I get so old?

It's 12:17 in the morning and I'm sitting up waiting for my daughter to come home from her date. She's not late... I forgot to give her a curfew. My bad!!! But then again, I probably would have said "Be home by 10:30," even though he picked her up a little after 9:00. It freaks me out to have her out with some boy...

Okay, he's not even "some boy." She's with the boy that drove 5 hours from Utah to our town to take her to the Homecoming dance. I've met him a few times. He's nice. His dad even drove him to Orem from Payson so he can take Aly out (we're in Orem for the Thanksgiving weekend). Man, that is a dedicated Dad!! (He really likes Aly and likes his son to take her out.)

I just wonder... how in the heck am I old enough to be sitting up waiting for my daughter to come home? Didn't I just go out on my first date a month ago?


Well, it seems like it.

And I'm still sitting here, getting older while my daughter still isn't home. (It's 12:23 now!)

I need Father Time's phone number. Maybe he can go on a vacation for a while so my kids will stop getting older.

(I just got a text from her. She's finally on her way home.)

**Heavy Sigh**


Yvonne said...

We'll talk about you getting old when you're waiting for your granddaughter to come home from a date ; )

Hope she had a good time and that you're having a great time in Utah.

thorkgal said...

You and me...
It's weird when you and your kids reach the same age. The only reminder of time is the mirror, sadly. Thanks for the post, the blogging world is acting like there was a vacation or something. Gee.

Anonymous said...

I just went to bed. Nanna always barked when they got home, worked like a charm.

*~*~*!AlYsSa ShAlAe!*~*~* said...

it was very fun XD

Grace said...

well that sounds like my friend aly ha. well i miss you guys like no other. Grace

Marci said...

Aly dating? Now that is making me feel old, though I did babysit that girl for you a time or two (or twenty). I sure miss you guys.