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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stomp, Stomp, AAUGH!!!

My house is full of little boys.

I love it!!

My friend went on a two week trip to Europe and I have the opportunity to have her children for a few of those days. The boys are 6 and 4, which is perfect for Adam. He is loving having built in friends... 24/4 (cuz I only have them for four days.)

(Okay, I guess three boys in one house doesn't really constitute a "house full of boys," but for me... it certainly does.)

We also had their big sister (age 8), but she is extremely homesick and became inconsolable last night. The poor girl. She was practicing the piano while I was in the kitchen making dinner, and bawling while she was playing. I couldn't hear her over the music, my dinner cooking, etc. It broke my heart when I found out. I talked with her, held her and hugged her, but she misses her mom and dad just too much. Luckily, she has a very close extended family that lives in town, so I called her aunt who said, "BRING HER OVER!!" It made me sad to take her over to Stephanie's but it was for the best. The minute she walked in the door she was over run with cousins and she ran away smiling... not a trace of a tear in her eye.

The boys, however, are doing GREAT! Our toys are still just new enough for them that they aren't bored. It's just a fun sleep-over. I let all the boys sleep in Adam's room last night, which was AWESOME for them!! I don't actually let my kids have slumber parties, so it's a nice treat for Adam.

As I sit here writing, I'm listening to the boys running upstairs. There's a scream and BIG LAUGHTER. They're on a quest to find the hiding cat, who is great at hiding from over enthusiastic boys. It will keep them occupied for about half an hour.

We're having a good time.

Carson & Adam: Best buddies


Yvonne said...

Enjoy--so glad Adam is having a good time.

So glad the little girl is happier now that she is with extended family.

thorkgal said...

Boys are the best... what can I say. : )