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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You'll Thank Me. Your Family Will Thank You.

I know I just posted a yummy recipe, but I have found another new cookie recipe. I thought the first recipe was easy, but, this is possibly the easiest cookie recipe I have ever found.... EVER. And believe me, I've made a few cookies in my life. (Melanee, I think this would be wonderful for your and your roommies.)

This is a perfect recipe for autumn.

(Are you ready for this?)

One spice cake mix
One small can pumpkin
chocolate chips

Drop by spoonfuls on to a greased cookie sheet.
Bake 350 for 12-15 minutes.

Yup. That's it.

I baked a pan of them last night and they turned out pretty good! They taste just like you think a pumpkin cookie should taste! My only disappointment was that they didn't spread much. They pretty much stayed in the same shape they were in when I put them on the cookie sheet.

Again, I don't have pictures... sorry. I still have to finish baking the batch I made up last night, so maybe I'll add it later. I must stop baking cookies on Tuesday nights. I get busy trying to get to mutual and always run out of time.

Speaking of mutual, my slide show was last night. I was a basket case right before. Calvin (Mr. Technology) wasn't able to be there to help me set up. My technological experience includes; the ability to blog, to download pictures and create slide shows. I can also email. But that's about it. So attaching a laptop to a projector gave me cold sweats, shallow breathing and a rapidly increasing heart rate. I followed his instructions to the "T" and when I hit play.... you guessed it.... nuthin' showed up on the screen. This produced more rapid shallow breathing, heavier sweating and buckets of tears surfacing, threatening to pour out of my eyes. I had to break down and see if Calvin had a break in his interviewing to see if he could pop over to the church and help. He had an exactly 5 minute break. (Good thing we live here where everything is close, huh?)

He arrived at the church approximately 1.5 minutes after I called. He walked into the R.S. room, walked up to the laptop, pushed one button and it worked. He walked out after spending a total of about 3 minutes with us.

Isn't that always the case? I spent about 20 minutes trying to get that darned projector and laptop to connect and work together. Calvin walks in, clicks on one little thing and it works. Honestly, I think it worked just because he walked in the room. We play this game at home too. I try to print something, the printer doesn't work. I hate asking for help, so I work and work, trying to fix things. I can't. I finally call for help. Calvin walks down the stairs, looks at the computer and without pushing a single button the printer initializes and starts printing.

I feel like a dork.

But I'm used to it by now, and I'm comfortable with it.

Oh yeah. I was talking about the slide show. (I get distracted easily.) It was a HUGE hit. The girls really look forward to it and I think they enjoyed seeing themselves in their different activities. I'm glad it's finished. Now I get to start preparing for next year's!


Yvonne said...

Is that to go in a 9 x 13 pan???? Sounds yummy.

I'm glad your hubby was able to come and get the projector working. I'm so glad Kyle is there every morning for Seminary because he helps me so much with all the audio-visual/computer stuff.

I bet it was a BIG HIT!!!

Chelli said...

Sorry Yvonne! I wasn't very clear on this. These are drop cookies, so you drop them on to a greased cookie sheet. I will correct my blog.

jill said...

It was a masterpiece, as usual, and I can't thank you enough for all you do in YW. The girls loved it, moms and dads loved it, and I loved it! Thank you for al you do.