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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Team Charlie

To begin, let me say....

I really love my daughter.

It may appear that I am a crazed Twilight fan.... you know the whole Edward and Bella background on my blog and all....

I did it all for Aly.

She is the crazed Twilight fan. I enjoyed the books. I thought they were entertaining and fun to read and I have read them a couple times. But I don't live for Edward, or Jacob, Esme or Carlisle. But my daughter does, so I ride the Twilight wagon with her.

On this wagon I went with her to buy the tickets to the movie two weeks in advance and kept them in a special place in my wallet. With her I went to the mall and helped her pick out the perfect Twilight shirt from Hot Topics. With her I got to the movie theater more than an hour and 15 minutes early to stand in line.

And it wasn't bad. I enjoyed the time with my daughter and I enjoyed the camaraderie we enjoyed while the anticipation was building.

The movie wasn't bad. They had a lot of book to cover in two hours and I think they did okay with what they had. I didn't walk out of the movie hating it, and was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it was a little choppy and I'm not sure there was much character/relationship development, but what can you do?

I have to say, however, that I am now a fan of Charlie, Bella's father. In the book, Charlie doesn't have much to say and that stayed true in the movie. Without dialogue, it's hard to build a character, and I think the guy who played Charlie did great. I was rooting for him from the minute I saw him on screen. Facial expressions, body language.... he had it all.

Aly thinks I'm Team Charlie because he's old and so am I. grrrrrrrrrr......

I do have a couple gripes about the film: I'm still not certain Robert Pattinson is the right guy to play Edward. He's just not cute. There were a couple times that I thought, okay, now he looks cute, but for most of the movie I wasn't feeling the Edward love.
The first time I saw Carlisle (and Aly agreed) we thought, WOW!! They really over did the white face make-up. It seemed more toned down as the movie moved on, but that first time it was INYOURFACEWHITE!!!
And the part that bugged me the worst was: What's with the tree climbing? "Spider Monkey?"

It was a fun night. I'd do it again. And I probably will when New Moon opens.


thorkgal said...

Thanks for the movie review, now I won't be "grinding my teeth" awaiting my turn to see the movie. I thought I could sneak in today (Saturday) but it's sold out.

Wees said...

Abby saw the movie last night and said the exact same thing about "You better hold on, spider monkey." LOL.(She told me to write all of that.)

She was not enamored of the movie.

Yvonne said...

I LOVED the flying through the trees.

I TOTALLY AGREE about Carlisle--between the white face and the atrocious hair--yuk.

Like you, I was pleasantly surprised.

Love the background of your blog.

*~*~*!AlYsSa ShAlAe!*~*~* said...

TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE SINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds weird, but i like it!

Sarah Miller said...

It was like you read my mind on my opinions of the movie. I enjoyed it and was disappointed like I thought I would be. It was so GAY, a complete waste of time and money (This is Ray's opinion eventhough he did not see it. He stole the computer to write that.) Anyways, they had big shoes to fill from the book. They did a good job.

Kristi said...

I was pleasantly surprised. I thought they did a good job. I was prepared to be thoroughly disappointed. You share the same complaints as me-but I thought they were mild shortcomings in comparison to the mutilation I expected.

Joyce said...

Kylie, Jordyn and I saw the movie. I definetely like the book better!! The movie was ok and I'm sure we will see it again. But the special effects weren't all that great. Every time something happened in the movie that wasn't in the book or was different than the book one of us commented on it. Jordyn (13) had the most problem with the house not being white. Go figure.