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Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Love Yellowstone!

Another amazing trip to Yellowstone today!

We found a hike we hadn't been on before. It's called Monument Trail. It was grueling hike straight up the mountain. The views, however, were stunning.

You can see the road next to the river. That's where we started.

It only took one mile to get this high up.

Yes, this is the man that had a terrible case of vertigo less than a week ago.

This is where we were climbing.

There were plenty of elk (with glowing eyes) at Mammoth.

We only saw a few bison, which seemed weird to me. Usually we see a gazillion herds of them!

The one, lonely buffalo that we saw on the road was in the dark. It was in a narrow canyon and luckily I saw its eyes glowing in my headlights before there was an accident. It was a little threatened by our vehicle, however, and charged us. Maybe because my lights were on bright and it didn't like that... I don't know.

(Note to self: next time you almost hit a buffalo in the road, dim the lights!!!)

Before the buffalo could make contact with the car, I swerved out of the way and it backed down. I guess you could say I blinked first. I'm sure the buffalo was uninsured, so I was happy to be the wimp in that situation!

Yellowstone closes for the season tomorrow, Nov. 2, and we were very happy to be there before that happened! Thanks Dave, Jackie and Devyn for a great day!

**(Aly is 16 and sick of all the fabulous drives through Yellowstone we make, so she stayed home and cleaned her room. That's why you don't see her in any of the photos.)


Yvonne said...

How fun to live so close to such beautiful scenery. Love all the pictures. Thanks for posting them.

BTW, I bet you are really happy to have your camera back.

Kristi said...

I can't believe you took another trip without me!

JackieG said...

That elk with the glowing eye is creepy looking, plus it's body blends so well with the sagebrush that it looks like a floating neck and head. You should put that one on S Pearsons Christmas card.
I'd also like to add, that I really missed Aly yesterday.