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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Today I'm grateful for...

... the fact that in about 5 minutes I get to hit "finish" on this year's Young Women slide show.

And none too soon, either!!

Our YW in Excellence is Tuesday and it will be shown then. I've worked on it -- off and on -- for approximately two months. I don't begrudge this opportunity. It's something I volunteer for each year. I take oodles and gobs of pictures of the girls (no exaggeration) and compile them into a sort of digitally scrapbooked "masterpiece." (Masterpiece is used loosely.) Add some music and a little video of each girl and VOILA!!!... we've got 25 minutes of memories packed into a sweet little DVD for each of them to take home.

However, every year when the deadline approaches, I start to sweat.

Will I finish it?

Is the music okay? Should I use a Jon Schmidt song or a Kurt Bestor song?

Did I use the correct the grammar? (Very important because of the many university English teachers there are in the ward.)

Will I finish it?

As I said, in about 5 minutes I'm saving it and preparing it to burn. There's no looking back...

I'm grateful that another one is finished.


Devani or Jon said...

You are so talented!! What program do you use to make your slide shows?

Yvonne said...

That is so wonderful. I bet it is enjoyed by all. Hope it is now complete.

Chelli said...

I use Power Point to create the slides. I have found that I can make cuter and more interesting slides that way. THEN I move it over to Adobe Elements where I find it easier to do a "pan and zoom". Also I like how easy it is to add music on that program. After I save it to WMV, I burn the DVD using Windows DVD Maker.
It's too many steps, that's for certain, but I'm a creature of habit and I stick to what I know.