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Monday, August 11, 2008


We had a great week with Keara. It seems like we were constantly on the move. There was something to be done, every day of the week. Who knew that we lived in such an exciting area? Well, to be truthful, we didn't do anything here in town. There's nothing here but Walmart and it's not even Super! (Keara, however, doesn't have Walmart close to her, so she was excited to go there -- once.) But there is, I found out, plenty to do within a couple hour's drive of home.

My poor skin was assaulted by the sun on almost every occasion and I fear I'm thisclose to more wrinkles, more freckles and the ever dreaded "sun damage" -- whatever that is. But it was worth it. Keara is a fun girl, so polite and incredibly patient with an almost 6 year old cousin that constantly assaulted her with, "Keara, guess what.....?"

Her mom arrived last night (after spending a WONDERFUL week with her sisters in Wyoming) and they left this morning. We're a sad house today. We miss her.


Lagoon, here we come!!

We found some cool Hannah Montana stuff at the mall.
Swimming @ Heise with our friend Maddie

Floating @ Mack's Inn (we saw a bull moose!!)

We spent a day in Jackson Hole and had a blast!! We rode the Alpine Slide, spent some time in town (w/ Sasquatch) and drove the Gros Ventre road which allowed us to see two more bull moose and a herd of buffalo jumping fences. Who knew buffalo could jump a fence?

Pointing out the "sleeping Indian" in the mountain

And now, today, we're bored. Guess that means we'll have to clean the house that has been neglected for too long. Bummer.

Update: I made the Sugarfree Chocolate Mousse last night and it turned out great! I will probably play with the recipe a bit (I added 1/2 tsp of vanilla, some choc. chips and marshmallows), but it was met with raves from the fam. It's definitely a "repeat recipe".


thorkgal said...

My I be the first to say, "I love it here"!

*~*~*!AlYsSa ShAlAe!*~*~* said...

it was such a fun week!

bummer school starts next week :(

and i'll be a junior! 2 more years!!

Yvonne said...

What a great time. I didn't know there was an Alpine Slide in Jackson Hole. (I love Alpine Slides ; )

keara said...

awww i miss you guys too :'(