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Saturday, August 16, 2008

What's a Chukar?

According to Wikipedia, it's an "upland gamebird in the pheasant family." (Do you know how many people don't know what a pheasant is? I happen to know what they are because when I was 5 my dad hunted them. I have a picture of myself and my seester holding the dead bird upside down by it's feet. Obviously I was too young to appreciate the gross factor of that moment.)

It's also the name of our local semi-pro baseball team.

This week we finally went to a game. Chrissy has been encouraging us for some time to go. She goes to Orem Owlz games frequently and loves it and knew that we would have fun if we went to a local game. So when Jackie called and said, "Do you want to go?" we immediately said "OF COURSE!"

Chrissy, of course, was right. We had a great time. The weather was perfect -- not too hot or cold. We bought hot dogs, and ate them under the stadium lights. The kids goofed off and yelled at the chukar mascot. They made friends with the other kids sitting close by. After the game ended, they opened up the field to the little kids, so A & D ran, and ran and ran around the bases!! Even Aly came and had fun (she had to put down Breaking Dawn to come, but I think she survived.)

I have to say the highlight of the evening was when a foul ball was hit straight at us, and we ducked just in time. It ended up belting Dave right in his hip! The poor guy (I'm sure) has a HUGE bruise and he didn't even get the ball! It bounced so hard it ended up at the end of the row behind us.

After the game, as we were walking out of the stadium, some guy (who I believe worked for the team) walked up to Adam and said something to the effect of, "No boy should go home from a baseball game without a ball," and handed him a ball from the game. Adam was thrilled to say the least.


thorkgal said...

Of course a favorite of the Thorks. But, we haven't made it this year. The last time we went Gregg caught a foul ball by leaping over a picnic table and beating a couple of little boys to it. They looked at him like, "gee, mister" to which he replied, "I've got boys of my own who want a game ball." Anyway, I wish I had it on video, it was classic AFV.

Yvonne said...

I miss living where there is a professional team--well we have a CFL team, but I'm just not into CFL. We do have the Winnipeg Goldeyes which is equivalent to your "Chukars".

How fun for Adam to get a ball.