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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Smooth Kindergarten Face

As we were driving home from the cabin Sunday evening, Adam announced from the back seat, "Mom and Dad, I think I need a shaving kit."

Knowing this was going to be a serious conversation for my six year old, I didn't laugh and asked him why.

"Because sometimes I get those tickley things on my face, like Daddy gets."


I told him, in as serious a voice as I could muster, that the next time he grows some tickely wiskers, to alert me and we'll see what kind of razor he needs.

The alert came last night. We were driving home from his friend Devyn's house and he announced from the back seat, "MOM!! I have some wiskers on my cheek and I'll need to shave them when I get home!" I shushed Aly who was giggling madly in the seat next to me and told him that we'd have a look when we got home (we were driving through construction on the hiway, so I couldn't pull over to feel them.) That pacified him for about two minutes and then he said...

"Mom, I don't need to shave yet. I was able to brush the wiskers off my cheek!"

(He was eating popcorn.)


Yvonne said...


thorkgal said...

Never a dull moment. It reminds me of Shawn's "almost" zit, but it was NO laughing matter. It was serious business. Ha ha.

Wees said...

We love to sit around and read the Adam-isms that you post. You keep us laughing!

kEarAAAA said...

oh man i wish i was there! hahaha!

Marci and Sarah! said...

hahah i think i almost peed in my pants a little from laughing at this. that kid never ceases to amaze me. hahahaha.