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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Summer started late for me and my family and I am cramming as many activities I can into a short time frame. After all, SCHOOL STARTS IN A MERE 13 DAYS!!!

(I won't even go into the sadness I feel as I contemplate the fact that my boy starts kindergarten... **sniff**)

We have been hanging out at the International Dance Festival (annual event); boating with two girls (staying w/ Dave & Jackie) from Israel whose team came for the dance festival ; hanging out with Calvin's sister Carlene and her two daughters; and now hanging out with Keara, Carlene's 15 year old daughter that stayed this week while Car visits other family in Wyoming. (We got the house cleaned for Car's visit, but now it looks like it threw up on itself. I just tell myself that I'll have plenty of time to clean up after Aug. 20.)

We've been having a blast!
Dancing Hava Nagila with the Israel dance team

Two from team Israel wait to ride the tube.

Dana & Caramel

Calvin & Dave compare due dates.

Keara & Aly

And this is just the beginning of the pictures I have downloaded!! I still have pictures from our day at Lagoon; swimming at Heise as well as floating the river by Macks Inn (that's tomorrow). That's about as far as I have planned, but I know there is more in the works.

It's a good thing I still haven't received Breaking Dawn in the mail. (That's the LAST time I pre-order on Amazon!!) I don't have time to read it anyway!


Yvonne said...

Such great pictures. Looks like you really are having a great time.

Sorry you haven't gotten your book yet, but like you say you have other things to do. Enjoy.

thorkgal said...

I've said it before... can I be in your family?? Since you never answer me, I get the picture. FINE!

MaDdIe AnDeRsOn said...

oh my gosh sister carey...that picture of brother carey and the other guy comparing due dates is HILARIOUS!! i just about died..