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Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Kids

Aly's best friend, Kristi, is moving to Israel for a year. Her dad got an appointment to work at the BYU Jersualem Center. We'll certainly miss Kristi and hope they have a safe adventure! (This is Kristi's second chance to live there. She was lucky enough to be baptized in the Jordan River the first time they were there.)

Adam recently had his 6th birthday and I haven't had the opportunity yet to take his birthday picture. We went to Montana this weekend and while we were playing in a lake, I said to him, "Hey Adam! I haven't taken your birthday picture yet. Let's see if we can get one now!" This is the result:

Which one should I frame and put on my wall?!?


Thorny Tree Lady said...

All of them...frame all of them. In a grouping. Because this age, though trying at times, will be something you'll look back on with fondness one day. And besides that, they're great shots!!

Yvonne said...

I like thorny tree's advice.

I hope Kristi and her family have a great experience in Israel.

thorkgal said...

I love the pictures! The new one on top is great too, with one exception... where are you? There's this thing called a "timer" on your camera... hint.